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Semper Fi fund - https://thefund.org/

The Fund is dedicated to providing immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to our Nation’s critically wounded, ill, and injured service members, veterans, and military families.


Operation Freedom

There are more people living in slavery than at any time in history, approx 4.5m in Asia

we help free those slaves through operation freedom

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The vast majority are in slavery over a medical debt for a life-saving procedure. The initial loans are never more than a few hundred dollars.  If they can’t make the payments they are taken as slaves to work off the debt in brick kilns.  Fines, interest, penalties, and other unethical charges are levied making it physically impossible for them to ever pay the debt.  A debt that is passed down to their children if the parent dies.

The average cost is $327 per person. That’s not a typo. People who have been living as slaves, oftentimes for their entire life, are able to go free for $327.  Entire families are set free together for less money than a weekend at Disney World.  This includes enough to help them get on their feet and help them establish a source of income. 

The workers live in deplorable conditions, the water they use to mix the soil gives them skin diseases and the hazardous fumes from the billowing black smoke during the brick-making process causes asthma and other diseases and increase the risk of contracting tuberculosis. There are no proper toilet facilities, at the kilns or where the workers live. The women have to go in the open, either late at night or early morning. They are harassed, their photos are taken and these women are then exploited.



Nashville dolphins

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Nashville Dolphins' mission is to improve the health and quality of life for children and adults with special needs and combat the alarmingly high statistic of drowning deaths. The Nashville Dolphins provide adaptive aquatic lessons ranging from water safety and survival through competitive swim team programming for participants at no cost.