We decorate our products using a variety of processes

1. Helmets

Helmets are decorated with decals, just like all helmets used ont he field, We even use the same materials, just a little thinner. 

We have two methods for printing decals there are limitations to both.

To download this flyer click here

2. Display Cases

Premium glass display cases are decorated by laser engraving the inside of the front face before they are assembled. imprint area is all of the front face. Practically its best to keep any laser engraving to the bottom or top corners.

Executive acrylic display cases are decorated using our UVPix 4CP+White direct UV print directly onto the case. We can also add a sublimated plate

Basic acrylic  display cases are decorated using  our UVPix 4CP+White direct UV print directly onto the products

Oversize acrylic cases such as the basic football helmet can only be decorated using a sublimated plate

3. Sports Balls and baseball bases/homeplates

These products are decorated using  our UVPix 4CP+White direct UV print directly onto the product.

For higher volume single color decoration we can Pad Print.

Inflatable sports balls with regular full bleed type decoration can be decorated using inkjet heat transfers, Imprint areas are larger than with the UVPix process - there are limitations as to what can be printed