Artwork Set-Up We do not usually charge a setup fee, we are happy to do minor modifications that take less than 10 minutes, orders requiring additional art services will be invoiced at $50.00 (X) per hour, Vector conversions will be charged at $40 S per conversion.

Spec Samples: We are happy to produce spec samples, there will be a $50(X) charge plus 1st column pricing for the item

Decals:  We can get close to some PMS colors but an exact match cannot be guaranteed. Please request a color swatch or a pre-production sample if an exact PMS color in required. Printing on any product color other than white will alter appearance of ink. A registration variance of +/- 1/32 may occur with multiple colors and must be considered acceptable registration.

4 Color Process: Items marked as 4 Color Process imprint method do not require additional run charges or set up charges for additional colors (for the first location). May not be able to reproduce PMS colors accurately. Some slight registration variance between white and subsequent colors is normal

ACCEPTABLE FILE FORMATS FOR DISKS OR EMAIL: Adobe Illustrator CS6 or lower is preferred.  Please save as an .ai, .eps or PDF file with all text converted to outlines . High resolution raster files are acceptable for UVPix printing. Preferably 600 dpi saved with maximum quality as a Jpg PDF or TIFF. Please specify all PMS colors, if not the colors in the file will be used.

All EPS files must be Vector (no imported pictures).  A vector file is resolution independent, that is, it can be scaled to any size and printed on any output device at any resolution without losing its detail or clarity.

Unacceptable Artwork/Text Files: Faxes or copies of faxes, photocopies, photographs, slides, transparencies, letterheads, business cards, laser art printed with a resolution of 600 DPI or less, JPEGs, GIFs, actual products, or any other art  that needs to be touched up, color separated or made one color.

Artwork will be sized to fit the imprint area as large as possible unless otherwise specified. Imprint areas vary with t Copyright/Trademark Laws: Diamond Imprints, Inc. assumes that artwork submitted for reproduction in producing an order, was submitted in full compliance with the law, governing copyright, trademarks, etc. Purchasers, by placing these orders, agree not to hold Diamond Imprints, Inc. responsible for any damages, costs and/or expenses arising under these laws as a consequence of our use of said artwork. We accept no liability for infringement.